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Play Doh Dentist

Play Doh DentistYour child might love the Play Doh Dentist set if he adores Play Doh.

This is something that your child can really have fun with as he can manipulate the doh and create his own play teeth and get a nice chance to play dentist. What can be more fun than that?

Read on to find out more about this fun play set that will have your child using his imagination and having lots of fun drilling and making Play Doh teeth.

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Play Doh Dentist Details

* Allows child to make his own doh teeth
* Comes with drill, toothbrush, tweezers
* Batteries needed to operated drill
* Good for ages 3 and older

Your child can pretend to play Dr. Dentist on his own with this Drill and Fill dentist set by Play Doh. Now he can make his own teeth with the molds, place them in the play man’s mouth and then extract as desired!

He can also use the electric drill to drill the teeth and even fill those nasty cavities in. This is a fun toy that will allow children to manipulate and have fun operating on their patient.

It’s a good way to encourage imaginative play and teach him about the dentist! If you have a child that might be apprehensive about dental visits then this could help take some of those worries away.

Let him play with the tools and just have fun cleaning teeth. He can also pretend to make braces as well and then teach the “patient” how to properly take care of his teeth by educating him on good dental hygiene. See current deals on this Play Doh Tooth Game.

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