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Play Doh Breakfast Time Set

play-doh-breakfast-set The Play Doh Breakfast Time Set is full of tons of creative possibilities! Even adults love to play with play doh too, it smells so good and lets you use your imagination to make whatever you want to. This is one of those toys that you may enjoy playing with right beside your child. Let’s see more of what you can do with this set.

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Play Doh Breakfast Time Set



This is a fun toy because it will encourage your child to immerse herself in fantasy play. With this set she can pretend to be a short order cook in her own little breakfast diner. Let your little boy or girl have some fun cooking you breakfast. Here’s a fun idea that you might enjoy. Sit at the table and then place your breakfast order and have her cook up something. From waffles, eggs, bacon and toast, this little play doh toy is ideal for creating some delicious play meals.

It’ll help her use her imagination and allow her to have some fun at the same time. She can feel proud after she presents her play doh breakfast to you, specially made!

With this set, the possibilities are endless for breakfast. This box comes with a waffle maker, extruder, a bacon and egg press and a toast press. This set also comes with 5 different play doh colors that are just right for making that yummy breakfast. Included are red, white, yellow, brown and blue. Even better.. it’s play doh, so as long as the doh is put back in their containers, they’ll stay fresh and ready to use the next time she’s ready to play. I love toys like this. They never get old and are fun to work with.

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