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Play Doh Breakfast Cafe

play-doh-breakfast-set The Play Doh Breakfast Cafe Set is great for providing loads of entertainment for your child that loves to pretend and use her imagination to cook. Even adults can appreciate these wonderful play cooking sets.

If you are looking for a gift that will give her a chance to use her imagination and play make believe then here is a great start.

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Play Doh Breakfast Cafe Set

Kids just love to use their imagination. It’s something that comes so naturally to them. Encourage your child to enjoy pretend play with a fun Play Doh breakfast set. With this set he can pretend he’s a little line cook in his own breakfast cafe! He can make a variety of play breakfast foods including fun looking waffles, yummy play bacon, eggs and more. He can also put his decorating skills to the test by using the frosting mechanism to add play “whipped cream” to his waffles!

Along with waffles, there are molds to make fruit as delicious toppings or sides for those waffles. For even more interactive fun when he presses down on the center plate to make his play waffles the little plate will even spin around.

How about hash browns and eggs? This kit comes with a presser as well to make those too. It’s perfect for creating a complete play breakfast your child will just love and have loads of fun with.


In addition to all the fun molds, included is a spatula so he can flip those flapjacks, eggs and waffles on the center plate. Also included is a fork, knife, 3 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound, and 1 can of Play-Doh Plus compound.

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