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Play Dish Sets

If you want some cool play dish sets that your child can use to create some fun little play meals then view the picks throughout the site and especially this one below.

Play Dish Sets

Children can learn so much from playing with toy dishes. In fact, it’s a way for them learn and experiment when they pretend that they are like mom and dad in the kitchen!

Whether he’s fixing a pot of coffee like mommy does or making some play hamburgers in his little kitchen, he’s learning about responsibility (even if it’s just to fix his own meal) and this can be a wonderful opportunity for you to show him about cleaning up after himself. He can also work on his fine motor skills when he lifts lids and pretends to set the table and place the forks and spoons in their proper spots!

What Are Fine Motor Skills?
Fine motor skills involve using the fingers and hands to make gestures and move objects lightly. For example, the action of lightly stirring a cup of coffee or pretending to ice a cupcake could be considered fine motor movements or placing beads onto a piece of decorative paper.

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Play Dish Sets Your Child Will Love

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Play Dish Sets
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* Very playful looking and bright
* Features a fun shopping basket
* Children can pretend they are at grocery store
* Dishes and cookware included
* 12 Pieces Included

This is one bright set your child might love to have in his kitchen. It includes 12 pieces from a toy basket which can be used to role play and for imaginary scenarios such as grocery store or your child can just pretend that he’s running his own store!

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