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Play Baking Set

Play Baking Set

Give a birthday girl or boy a play baking set toy that will get them excited to play in their toy kitchen.

Get your kids ready for a fun baking adventure with chocolate chip cookie baking toy that comes with its own kitchen mixer.

This will make a very fun accessory for those lazy afternoons when there’s not a lot to do and kids need to be occupied.

Play Baking Set- Cookies!

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play baking set
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KidKraft Espresso Baking Set

Play Baking Set Details

* A movable mixer that can shift in and out of bowl
* Rolling pin and spoon for more mixing fun
* 2 play cookies
* Baking tray to place cookies and hold tools during storage
* Kids will have fun “mixing” and stirring

Featured is the KidKraft Espresso Baking Set toy for kids. This is a play cooking set that all kids can have some fun with. It includes a baking tray that kids can place the cookies on and move them around. The mixer which is another fun device that children will really take to can actually move in and out of the bowl below.

Your child can lift it up and down and he’ll start to feel like he’s really preparing something yummy in the kitchen. This set also comes with a rolling pin that works. He can sit and pretend that he’s rolling dough on the table. It also has a spoon to “mix” in more ingredients.

This real looking set is one fun toy that your child might really enjoy. It can be cookie time every day with these fun accessories.

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