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Plastic Tea Sets for Boys and Girls

Buy some plastic tea sets that your little boy or girl can both play with!

Who says that tea sets are just for girls? One of the best parts of being a child is playing make believe, imagining as well as having fun with others and learning and boys can partake in the festivities to and in fact are known to enjoy role playing even though they don’t get a lot of opportunities sometimes to do so.

Little boys can also have fun playing tea and sitting down to a party as well! View some of the sales online or find a cute plastic tea set that your child would love to play with every day.

Search for a less gender specific tea set by investing in a more traditional color for boys such as yellow or perhaps something like yellow or even green!

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Plastic Tea Sets for Fun

Boys at any age can also enjoy tea time. It’s even more fun when real snacks are involved, so look for sets that will allow your child to perhaps pour real water and sit some cookies on the plates.

Set Details

* By Green Toys
* Comes with a tea pot for pouring, creamer, sugar bowl, four teacups, saucers and spoons
* Does not contain phthalates or BPA
* Made from recycled plastic so you are helping the environment
* Perfect for fun parties with play dates

Find another child tea set for boys!

Here is yet another set perfect for boys.

If you are concerned about the environment and want to do your part then purchase a product that is made from recycled materials! This tea set featured above is manufactured by Green Toys. It is actually made from recycled curbside collected milk containers.

How is that for a green toy?

The colors are muted and not to gender specific which makes it quite suitable for any little boy. Product recommended for children three years and up.

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It’s a tea party!

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