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pizza-toy-set It’s Pizza party time! This is one little pizza toy set that your child can have some fun with and use her imagination to build her own pizza pie.

If she loves pizza then this one might be a big hit. Give her a chance to test out her pie building skills with a toy that will let her pick and choose her own yummy looking toppings!

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About this Pizza Toy Set

I pretty much love toys like this that let kids use their imaginations and immerse themselves in role playing. This is the Green Toys Pizza Parlor Set. It includes a fun looking pizza box (to hold the pizza and toppings), 4 pizza crusts, 20 pizza toppings, a pizza cutter and an order pad for taking those orders and staying in business.


This is a fun toy because it can give your child a chance to pretend he’s running his own little pizza parlor. Be one of his customers and order up a pizza and then have him deliver it to you! All the pieces can be stacked and are interchangeable with the other Green Toy Stacking Food Sets.

Stacking the veggies on the pizza will give your child loads of fun and let him use his imagination to be his own boss. Toys like this will really encourage imaginary play which is great for young kids. This might also be a fun toy to start learning about math and counting! Include a little toy cash register and let him count all the “money” he’ll make by making his pizzas.

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