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A Pink Tea Set for Your Little Princess

Do you want to buy a pink tea set for your little girl?

Pink is a favorite color for many girls and if you have a little princess who just adores this frilly and girly hue then take a look at some of the top pink tea sets for sale online.

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Pink Tea Set for Sale
Where to Buy this Pretty Tea Set

Featured is the Children’s Tea for Two Fine China Tea Set -in a Princess Pink Pattern. This might be a wonderful gift for a birthday, party favor, prize or even a great Christmas present for the holidays.

Can you imagine this lovely little set sitting on your child’s play table? All that’s needed to complete the party are a few snacks, a friend and some great gossip.

Toys like this are great for encouraging your child to socialize and encouraging pretend play and make believe.

This adorable set includes a lovely pink hued tea pot that measures roughly 4.5″ tall as well as a sugar bowl, creamer, 2 teacups with saucers as well as two 5 inch cupcake plates.

This is an ideal set to have real tea parties on since it’s made from ceramic. It has been tested to ensure it’s safe for your child to play with and is ready to please any little girl for her next tea party.

You might also want to view a colorful plastic tea set for something durable.

What You Get with This Pink Tea Set

* Quality tea set made for two
* Tea pot can actually hold 12 ounces of water
* Sugar Bowl with Creamer
* 2 Teacups with saucers
* 2 -5 inch plates (suitable for a small snack)
* Elegant set with a pretty pink color (perfect for girls!)

If you are searching for a tea set then this might be worth a peek, find out more or view additional tea sets for sale right here.

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