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Pie Face Game

The Pie Face game will make a very fun gift for the game playing lover in your family. Kids will enjoy the suspense and excitement of this game of chance!

It could go off at any moment and pie them in the face creating lots of laughs and fun. Read more about it below.

The Pie Face Game Details

* Provides plenty of excitement for kids
* Allows kids to take turns for their pie in the face
* Points are given when they miss the pie!
* Exciting and fun for the whole family
* Uses whip cream for safe fun (not included)

Pie Face Game

pie-face-gameFind Out More About the Pie Face Game

Kids love the silliest things, don’t they? This is a really fun game full of suspense! The main goal is to move through the game with the least amount of pie splats in the face. Kids (and adults too) can have some fun taking turns in this game of chance.

To play this, you’ll stick your face through the mask and then turn the handles on the game platform. If you turn it and the pie doesn’t get you, then you get a point! Not only is this incredibly fun, but it’s pretty thrilling when you wonder if the next turn will be you!

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