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Peppa Pig Plush Toy


The Peppa Pig plush toy is the perfect gift for your little one that just can’t get enough of Peppa!

Now she can have Peppa with her all day long for road trips, visits to grandma’s house or just out on fun romps with mom and dad. Find out more about this set below.

Peppa Pig Plush Toy

* Soft, plush toys
* Includes Peppa and George
* Both will giggle and oink when tummy pressed
* Phrases will entertain and keep her interested
* Perfect for children over 18 months

Peppa Pig Plush Toy

Find Out More About Peppa and George!

This adorable duo will steal your little one’s heart and provide plenty of fun while playing with them. The Peppa the pig plush toy will giggle, oink and say sweet phrases like, “I’m Peppa Pig” and “You’re my best friend,” once her tummy is pressed. Peppa’s arms and legs will even move around as she giggles which will make her fall over from the laughter. This will be fun for your child to watch and is sure to delight!

George will also do the same with different phrases to liven things up a bit.
What more can a child want than having their best friend talk to them!

Peppa and her brother will provide fun and excitement. Your child will love to interact with them while pressing their tummies to hear them both giggle.

They both will require 3 “AA” batteries. The toy states that Peppa is the one that comes with batteries, George does not so be ready with plenty of batteries to hear them laugh. Time for fun with Peppa!

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