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Outdoor Spinning Swing


The spinning swing is perfect for kids that love playing outside! Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, a swing is something that can be enjoyed all year long. This is one gift that will be a huge hit for our entire household.

The spinning swing will work attached to a swing set or hanging from a strong and sturdy tree. Give it a whirl! Check out more details below.

Spinning Swing Details

* Holds up to 200 pounds
* Sturdy and strong enough for kids to play
* Easy to install
* Will provide hours of swinging fun
* Install on a swing or from a tree branch

The Spinning Swing

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Do you remember the days when you’d swing on your favorite swing set? I do! Childhood is such a fun and memorable time that will always stir feelings of nostalgia years from now for your children. Give him some memories to make them even more special!

This is a spinning swing in blue. It’s easy to install and sturdy enough to hold up to 200 pounds! Kids will be flocking to your home to play with your child. They’ll all want a chance to swing from this sturdy round swing. It’s a really exciting addition to your child’s outdoor activity set. For one, it’s large round base will make it easy for children to sit down or lay down for hours of fun and swinging.

They can even share it together for more added entertainment. This is also a good opportunity to teach your little one to share and work with others. This is ideal for children over the age of 3 years.

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