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My First Purse Toy

my-first-purse-toy What can be more fun than a My First Purse Toy? I know, one that also comes with tons of little accessories for your youngster to play with.

The more items that she has to put in her little purse the more fun it will be to immerse herself in pretend play!

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My First Purse Toy

This cute little purse will give tons of things for your girl to play with while she’s out and about at home or running errands with mom and dad! Kids benefit immensely from imaginary play time. Encourage her to explore and pretend with a fun toy that lets her take part in role playing.

A little purse will give her a chance to pretend she’s out shopping at a store, or she can just pretend she’s just like mom going to work. Included in this set are a pretty play cell phone, keys (for when she wants to go out driving), a wallet, also includes pretend lipstick, unbreakable mirror and debit card!

This ideal for toddlers and preschoolers that are just starting to learn about role playing. Make it a fun time for your child and give her a fun toy that will let her use her imagination along with a toy purse to entertain herself.


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