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Mudpie Outdoor Kitchen

Mudpie Kitchen

Who’s ready to make some fun mud pies?

Do you remember when you were a kid and loved playing outside? Now your little one can make her own mud pies from scratch with a super cool mud pie kitchen that is made for the outdoors. Get your little mud pie maker ready for tons of fun. You’ll pretty much have to pry your child away from this fantastic find (by the looks of it!). Heck, even I want to give this one a go!


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mudpie kitchen
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What’s So Great About It?

* An easy cleanup toy-leave it outside!
* Hand crank mixer to mix up the mud
* Has a real sink that works
* Fun accessories like a pie tin and cutting board

Add this fun kitchen to your child’s mud pie making experience and watch with delight as she enjoys some fun making her own mud pies! Included in this set is a little hand mixer that your child can have fun cranking and “mixing” her mud with.

Included are some cute accessories to make it more realistic and to help keep her busy too! It comes with a little pie tin so she can mold her “pies” as well as a large mixing bowl so she can mix that mud up with the hand cranked mixer. She might also have fun with the measuring cup as well as the cutting board when it’s time for cutting up her creation when it’s dry!


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