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Motorized Solar System

Do you want your child to learn more about the planets? A motorized solar system will make a wonderful educational tool and will make learning about the planets and where they are in relation to the Earth fun! Help your child discover the solar system and increase her knowledge base to help her in school.

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Do you have a budding astronomer in your family? If you have a child that has taken an interest in the stars, planets, galaxies or the sun then it’s possible you do! Either way, you can help aid her journey to exploring the vast solar system with this motorized replica of our own solar system. This is ideal for children between the ages of 8 to 12 years and will make a wonderful tool to help her learn more about our own world.

This model is really interesting because it actually has the longitude marks of each planet. So that you and your child can set each planet in its proper position. This will make learning the order and names of each planet a fun and entertaining experience as she spins each around the sun.

The “sun” lights up and is right at the center of the system where each planet will revolve around it via a motor. This will make this fun and help engage your child’s visual senses as she watches them orbit and wonders about each planet.

Turn off the lights and watch the “sun” shine its light on each planet. What a way to decorate a celestial themed room! This will make one engaging gift that will help her learn all about the solar system and keep her one step ahead as she learns the names and positions of the planets.


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