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Miniature China Tea Sets

If you are a collector of miniature china tea sets then this is a super cute set that you can actually add to your collection or give to a little girl who wants a set of her own!

Who does not love fine china? It’s elegant, timeless, beautiful and it can also be quite the collector’s item and can be passed down to your loved ones or those grandchildren who adore playing make believe.

Get ready to give a cute mini tea set that will put the fun back into those tea parties. Children are actually quite skilled at playing imaginary games and it’s a great way for them to learn. They not only get to hone those developmental skills such as hand eye coordination but a child can learn to socialize and play with others.

A tea set is a great opportunity to present your child with a toy that will get her excited to sit down and have an elegant tea party by herself or with a little friend!

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Miniature China Tea Sets
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One of the Cutest Miniature China Tea Sets

This is a very cute and feminine tea set made out of lovely porcelain. It’s shown in the photo above and contains striking hand painted detailed designs of pretty, pink flowers that are sure to delight any little girl or avid collector of tea set minis.

This is a very elegant looking set and it features a teapot with a lid, 2 tea cups with 2 saucers, a sugar and a creamer container. This is a miniature set and the teapot will measure about 3 inches high and tea cups are around 3 inches in diameter.

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Get the Details

* Set for 2
* Hand painted details
* Must wash set by hand
* Great gift idea for girls or collectors!
* Contains a Teapot with lid, 2 cups, 2 saucers, sugar and creamer
* Ideal tea party set for little girls

Get ready for fun and tea parties with an adorable set for girls!

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