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Melissa and Doug Pasture Pals

Melissa-and-Doug-Pasture-PalsIf your child loves horses and hopes to be a veterinarian or horse keeper then take a peek at the Melissa and Doug Pasture Pals! Who can resist horses? They’re beautiful, strong and fun to ride. Give your child the opportunity to expand her imagination and create her own play world with these beautiful toy horses.

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Other Horses and Stables


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Melissa and Doug Pasture Pals


This is one fun, little set by the looks of it. Included in this set are a total of 12 toy horses. Each one has its own little section so your child can enjoy keeping them in their own “home.” This is a fun way to teach all about responsibility. For one, she can pretend that she’s in charge of caring for all these horses and imagine that this is an imaginary stable. Each horse has to be put back in his proper spot every day after being taken out and given his/her proper exercise, feeding them and giving them water. Toys like this can really encourage her to use that imagination and think up of some fun scenarios on what to do to keep the horses happy.

This toy is great for ages 3 and older. In addition to the storage space for each horse, on the back of each one you’ll find an identification key with a breed description of each one. This is perfect to pique her interest even further about all the different types of horses there are. For added fun and enjoyment, the horses are covered in a fuzzy material to give them that realistic feeling that you’re child might love.

Melissa-and-Doug-Pasture-PalsMeet the Pasture Pals!


Books on Horses


Here’s another idea! Add a fun book to this toy about horses to make this even more of an educational experience.

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