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Melissa and Doug Felt Play Food


If you love the Melissa and Doug food toys then take a peek at their super cute felt goodies for kids!

What’s so great about felt toys? Well, for one they are full of color, they’re soft, pliable and can make the whole make believe experience a bit more real because.. well, they feel more authentic than plastic!

If you have a little one that loves to play in the kitchen then browse this or another set below to get her excited to make her own yummy creation!

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Even More Melissa and Doug Food Toys


Melissa and Doug Felt Play Food
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What You Get

* A felt burrito and taco set
* Comes with lots of fixings!
* Colorful veggies and meats!
* Children will enjoy “making their burrito or taco”


Now you can give your child a fun chance to really play in the kitchen without all the mess of course! This colorful and creative felt toy is by Melissa and Doug and is actually a two in one set. Your little one can make his own play burrito or a taco! This toy is made out of polyester felt which makes it nice and sturdy and will provide lots of entertainment as well as a creative outlet for your child.

Let him play the chef and learn about the food groups as well as healthy eating habits! Teaching is easy with this set, just sit him down at his play station and go over all the names of the veggies and other little items and talk about what type of food groups each one belongs in!

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