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Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit

mega-shark-science-kit(Cue the Jaws theme song) Does your kid love sharks? Boys and girls alike can benefit from the Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit.

This is one little kit that he will really enjoy exploring and you probably will too! It’s not only fun for him but it’s also educational! Turn your child’s toy time into a fun session while he’s having a blast delving into the world of sharks. Get your little future marine biologist ready for some entertainment by learning about sharks.

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Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit


I have to admit that even I want this kit. I’m a big fan of those apex predators and love to learn more whenever I can. Included in this kit are 5 real shark teeth! This alone is pretty exciting as your child can feel how pointy and dangerous these can be on these predators. Included are either Tiger, Bull, Otodus, Lemon, Dusky, Sandtiger, or Snaggletooth teeth.

This is a great time to sit him down with the kit and learn about each shark with some flashcards or a good shark book. By doing this your child can learn more about the shark, their hunting habits, where they live, what they look like and much more.

Let his imagination run wild and help him learn to appreciate and instill a love for science and respect for marine life. In addition to those real teeth your child will get a nice museum quality replica of a Megalodon tooth which measures roughly 6 inches. Imagine his surprise when he gets his hands on that. According to Wikipedia, Megaladons lived from about 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago.

This kit also comes with a colorful 12 page adventure guide to help him learn as he explores and inspects the teeth.

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