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Mcdonald’s Play Toy

Find a fun Mcdonald’s Play Toy that your child will have a blast playing with.

Mcdonalds Play Toy

If you have a little one who loves those golden arches then you might feel it’s appropriate to give him a little reminder of how much he loves McDonald’s! Kids just love those chicken nuggets, french fries and hamburgers in addition to playing with the crafty toys that come with their Happy Meals.

Now you can give your child something to play with without overdoing it on the fast food.

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McDonald’s Play Toy Set

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Mcdonald's Play Toy
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Featured is the McDonald’s Play Soda Container Set

McDonald’s Play Toy Hamburger Set Details

* A soda set that comes with play hamburgers, fries, nuggets
* The soda can will easily store all the items
* A great gift for the McDonald’s lover in your life
* 25 piece play set
* Container is re-usable

Add some more fun with this adorable play set that includes 25 pieces. Children can have fun playing with chicken Mcnuggets, fries, small hamburgers and even an apple pie.

Let her pretend that she’s having her favorite meal with family or friends. The container can be used to store all of the pieces so you don’t need to worry about losing them. There’s a variety of foods that he can pick from which will make it a lot of fun and entertaining.

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