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Mcdonald’s Cash Register Toy

McDonalds Cash Register Toy Buy a Mcdonald’s Cash Register Toy that your child can enjoy playing with and playing along with friends to pretend she’s working hard trying to take orders and eat play hamburgers at the same time!

Almost all kids just love Mcdonald’s and if yours does too then she may really adore this checkout register with all its cool features that will give her the feeling like she’s really at the restaurant.

All kids can benefit from a cash register toy because they get to play and can get a head start on counting and begin learning about addition and subtraction.

Cute Mcdonald’s Cash Register Toy for Sale

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Mcdonalds Cash Register Toy
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Mcdonald’s Cash Register Toy Details

* Includes 16 pieces
* Contains play food for ordering
* Play money for learning to count
* Register has a calculator that works
* Will recite menu picks when buttons are pressed

This register has a built in calculator that you can use with your child to teach him about adding and subtracting.

It includes play money to work with and it also comes with a play hamburger, french fries and a Mcdonald’s drink to complete a customer’s order.

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