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Make a Sandwich Toy


Making a sandwich toys can provide kids with plenty of time to use their imagination to play restaurant and immerse themselves in a whole new world.

Give your child something fun to occupy his time and learn to practice his dexterity by putting together his own yummy looking toy sandwiches!


Making Sandwich Toys


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Featured is the Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set

Details on this Set

* Perfect for youngster to play restaurant
* Encourages imaginary play
* Comes with colorful pieces
* Also features material that makes “crunching” noise
* 16 piece set made of wood

If you want a wooden food set then this is one sandwich toy that your child might really enjoy. It’s a set of 16 pieces that imitate a sandwich which kids will enjoy. Your youngster will particularly be attracted to the bright colors in this wooden toy.

You’re child can enjoy arranging the pieces of the “sandwich” together and then pretend that he’s cutting the sandwich with the wooden knife. It’s a fun set that will let him use his counting skills or practice them as well as learn about colors too!

You can make it into an interesting game by asking for a sandwich with a certain amount of tomatoes or pieces of cheese to give him even more of a challenge. Let your little one create a sandwich that he’s made just for you while learning.

This is a 16 pieces set that is made from wood. All the edges on the pieces are smooth and every one has a bright color to mimic a particular food whether it’s tomatoes, bread or lettuce!

You can also use this item to show children about the food groups and teach them more about healthy meals and eating habits!

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