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Magnetic Dress Up Dolls

magnetic dress up dolls
Do you remember playing dress up with your dolls? It was such a fun past-time for me. Magnetic dress up dolls are a great way to encourage your little girl to use her imagination and create fun make believe worlds of her own!

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Magnetic Dress Up Collection

The great thing about being a child is that those years can be looked back on with such fond memories. Whether it’s creating a fun fantasy or little skit with her dress up dolls, these can be quite handy and provide her with valuable tools to learn.

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Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Set


magnetic dress up dollsAbby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Set

This fun set is from the Melissa & Doug Collection and has plenty of pieces for your girls to play with. The options are vast and will let her mix and match clothing pieces to help her learn about color coordination and let her have some fun at the same time! I love this one because it’s so colorful, I really want to play with this too.

She can use her imagination with these dolls by playing fashion show, store or pretend that she’s a fashion designer while dressing up her dolls. Love them!

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