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Madeline Tea Set

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Does your little girl love the Madeline children’s book series? If so, then a wonderful little addition to her play kitchen might be a Madeline inspired tea set featuring her favorite little cartoon character.

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Madeline Tea Set for Sale
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Featured in the photo is the Madeline Children’s tin tea set.

This item is available in a set of 24 so it’s perfect for a quaint little tea party that your child will love to have with friends or just family!

Included with this Madeline tea set are a handy and colorful traveling case with decorative Madeline designs, a lovely tray for holding the set, 4 cups and 4 saucers, teapot with lid, spoons, cloth napkins and a pretty tablecloth.

This adorable and sturdy set is made from tin so it will hold its own when being moved around. It comes with its own Madeline carrying case which is useful for storing those pieces and keeping the set in one place, so you don’t need to worry about losing the pieces. Just teach your child to put it up in an orderly fashion when she’s finished playing with it.

This is a good thing as she can learn to clean up after herself and learn organizational skills. The tea set makes it fun to learn and play while enjoying her favorite boarding school student character.

The case also has an array of stamps and decorations from Madeline’s adventures and travels.

This set is best for children over the age of three years old due to some small parts.

Madeline Tea Set Details

* 24 Piece tea set
* Serves 4
* Includes a tray
* 4 cups with saucers
* Teapot with lid
* 4 plates and spoons
* 4 cloth napkins with a tablecloth
* Adorable carrying case to store it all

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