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Little Tikes Play Kitchen

A Little Tikes Play Kitchen is just right for tots that enjoy playing make believe games and have a fascination with the kitchen.

Now your child can pretend that he’s cooking too right alongside you in the kitchen. If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a child play an imaginary game then you know it’s really a delight to see them escape in their own made up world.

What exactly runs through the mind of a child when they are playing? Children have wonderful imaginations and can make up wonderful stories, games and they really know how to make the most of playtime.

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Pictured above is the Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘n Serve Kitchen.

Little Tikes Play Kitchen Details

* Has the latest kitchen upgrades from “granite” counter tops
* Realistic looking play kitchen
* Play burner makes realistic cooking sounds
* Has play faucet, sink and play oven

If you really want to encourage your little one to have lots of fun in the kitchen then a Little Tikes kitchen might be a great toy for your child. It includes quite a few wonderful features that will encourage your child to play the day away and use his imagination to be the master chef he really is.

This kitchen is equipped with a faucet, oven, small fridge as well as an area for food preparation and chopping all those delicious play fruits and veggies.

For an even more realistic experience the burner on this kitchen will make cooking sounds and noises so your child can really pretend that he’s boiling something delicious for the whole family.

Use the fridge and oven for storage space. Your child will enjoy this sleek and modern looking kitchen.

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