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Pretty Little Girl’s Tea Sets

Little Girls Tea Sets
Little girls tea sets are especially pretty and fun when they come decorated with flowers or wonderful pink patterns. If your little girl loves pink and anything dainty then view some of the sales on some cute sets below by clicking on the picture for the collection and online deals.

This is the type of toy that children love because they get to use their imagination and play make believe with their friends. Your little girl can pretend that she’s hosting a grand party and will star as the hostess. Help your child learn to develop her social skills as well as learn good manners by saying “please” and “thank you” when you play tea with her.

It’s a wonderful way to reinforce good behavior and it’s tons of fun at the same time!

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Little Girls Tea Sets
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Schylling Toys Rose Tin Tea Set in Tin Basket

The toy above is made of tin and it’s durable as well as easy for your little girl to play with and handle. This item has been recommended for children over the age of three to ensure safety due to small parts included.

Details of this Set

* 14 piece set
* Will serve 4 children
* Comes with a pretty basket for storage and traveling with set
* Great gift idea for girls’ favors at parties
* Gorgeous pink rose design

This set is party of Schylling’s exclusive tea collection and the design featured on the teapot is a whimsical pink rose. This is a sturdy 14 piece set that conveniently comes with its own decorative basket (made of tin).

Your little girl will be able to tote it with her to friends homes or use it to store those pieces to keep her room tidy and to ensure she doesn’t lose any of the pieces.

Included with this set are 4 cups, 4 saucers and plates with a tea pot for a fun tea party time.

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