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Lego Coast Guard Patrol

lego-coast-guard The Lego Coast Guard Patrol is one fun activity toy that will give your child plenty of creative inspiration. Encourage her to explore the high seas and become a master builder with this fun little Coast Guard set.

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Lego Coast Guard Patrol


Get ready to sail the deep blue sea! This little patrol ship will be a fun adventure to build. If you have a child that is interested in the ocean, sailing and ships then this bad boy may be the perfect gift. Get those sea legs ready!

Let her have a blast as she puts this ship and its crew together. Afterward, the fun has just begin. She can put her creative imagination to work by performing search and rescues, playing with sea life and try to imagine what it’s like to really be a member of the Coast Guard!

I really love toys that give kids creative freedom. This can be turned into a very fun lesson and it’s ideal for children between the ages of 5-12 years. Here’s a fun opportunity to work with her and encourage her to think about what it would be like. What does the Coast Guard do? What kind of duties do they perform and how does their work make a difference in our lives?

This is a great time to also discuss important topics such as marine safety, environmental protection and give some fun facts about their search and rescue duties! Pique her curiosity by encouraging her to explore this new fun world and discuss what kind of an impact the Coast Guard has on us.

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