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Learning Resources Pretend and Play Kitchen Set

The Pretend and Play Kitchen Set will make a fun addition to your child’s kitchen.

Do you have a budding little chef in the family? Now is the perfect time to foster that love of the culinary arts and encourage your child to immerse himself in his own fun imaginary world where he can do anything.

Children just love to play make believe and now is a great time to encourage active play either by himself or with others. Children learn from each other and they can each benefit when they play imaginary games and challenge themselves to fun problem solving.

Playtime is the perfect opportunity to learn more about themselves! See another Dinnerware Pretend and Play Kitchen Set.

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Kitchen Set

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Pretend and Play Kitchen Set
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Pictured above is the Learning Resources Pretend and Play Kitchen Set

Details on this Child Kitchen Play Set

* A large play set for kids
* Made of durable and sturdy plastic
* Set of 70 pieces
* Comes with its own carrying box for storage or travel

If your child has his own play kitchen set then this large cookware toy set could be the perfect accessory to go along with it. This offers roughly 70 pieces and is a complete kitchen set that will soon have your child creating wonderfully delicious play meals for you and the whole family.

It comes with many items including pots, pans, utensils, cups, bowls, teapots, strainers, cookie cutters and a fun juicer for making his own homemade juices.

What better way is there to start the day than having his own fun time in the kitchen pretending he’s a master chef of a fine restaurant. Can you imagine all the fun he will have with friends with such a large kitchen set?

It’s enough to satisfy several children and will also make a great toy!

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