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Ladybug Tea Set Basket for Children

If you are searching for a cute tea set for a child then take a look at this little ladybug tea set basket for children.

Tea time is a fun and imaginative experience for little boys as well as little girls.
Playing with others a great way to get your child to learn and hone their social skills and prepare them for the challenges of adulthood. It all begins with socializing and learning to play with others.

One of the best ways to help your child become well developed is to encourage active social play. Social play involves interacting with other children at playtime. It can also be a wonderful time for your child to learn those much needed socializing skills that will help him or her later on.

If you have a child who loves to play or even if he or she isn’t there just yet, you might want to consider adding a playful tea set into her toy collection to offer her endless fun and plenty of avenues to expand her playtime possibilities.
Encourage her to enjoy playing tea and having fun entertaining her little friends.

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Ladybug Tea Set Basket for Sale
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About This Ladybug Tea Set Basket

The ladybug tea set featured is by Schylling. It is a complete set that is ideal for young children from the ages of eight and over. It is not recommended for little ones under three years old due to small items.

It’s a beautiful toy tea set that will serve a party of 4.

It is the perfect pick me up that your child will like playing with either by herself or with some friends or even with dolls or stuffed toys!

Details on this Ladybug Tea Set Basket

* Serves a party of four
* Comes with a cute basket
* Teapot, napkins, cutlery, tea cups
* Pretty tablecloth is included
* Best for children over 8 years and up
* Easy storage with handy basket
* Wonderful gift for ladybug lovers

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