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Kitchen Play Set

A kitchen play set is just right if you want a toy that both your little girl and boy can enjoy together.

Sometimes it might be hard to get children to share toys, however, a play kitchen is one that will encourage kids to work together to create imaginary recipes and yummy meals.

Did you used to have a play kitchen set when you were little? If so do you remember how fun it was to play?

Some fun activities that children can do with a toy kitchen are pretending that they are on a cooking show. This is a fun imaginary game that two or more children can do together and it’s a good way to get them share the kitchen.

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One child basically is the head chef and the other is the assistant. My sister and I used to actually play this when we were little and many times we would fight over who the assistant was because that was the one who got to do all the fun work. The head chef gets to order around the assistant.

Another idea is to pretend they are on a cooking program. This will work well with 2 to 3 kids. You will have the head chef, the assistant and then the television reporter or commentator who asks questions on the cooking process. It may sound silly but it was so fun and I remember it to this day!

Whimsical Looking Kitchen Play Set for Sale

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Where Can I Buy a Cute Toy Kitchen?

Pictured is the KidKraft Large Kitchen Play Set

This kitchen is a larger model and measures 42 x 16 x 42-inches. It is available in light pastel colors and perfect for children over the age of three.

Along with this colorful kitchen your child has a variety of features to keep him or her busy. It comes with a built in 4 burner stove top (it actually looks quite real), oven, microwave, sink, and refrigerator for plenty of fun play time dates.

It is made of sturdy wood and is just right for multiple children who love playing together.

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