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Kids Play Food Ice Cream Set

Kids Play Food

Try a realistic Kids Play Food Ice Cream set if you want to introduce some fun dessert pieces into your child’s stylish play kitchen equipment. Children will always benefit from toys that will encourage them to participate in imaginary play.

Children who use role playing and fantasy play (e.g.- a master chef running his own restaurant) can learn so much from their experiences and even more so if they play with other children.

They learn from each other because in their special imaginary world they encounter problems that they must somehow solve!

Kids Play Food Ice Cream Set

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Kids Play Food
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Featured is the Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set

Kids Play Food Ice Cream Set Details

* 4 Toy ice cream scoops with cones
* Contain magnets to hold cones with ice cream together
* Children will delight in serving their own toy ice cream
* Encourages your child to work on his motor skills while having fun

This is one fun ice cream toy that won’t cause cavities! This play food set is by Melissa and Doug and it features a set of 4 ice cream cones with different flavors of ice cream as well as a decorative box to hold the ice cream set while he pretends he’s scooping.

Your child will have some fun with this set because the scoops of ice cream contain a magnet that will stick to the cone. It will make him feel like he’s really serving up some delicious treats to family and friends.

He can also practice using his fine motor skills by dipping the toy ice cream scoop
into the box and pulling out his favorite flavor. This is a great way for him to learn about colors too and he can have fun at the same time. How much better can it get?

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