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Kids Pirate Costume

kids pirate costume

Ahoy mates! Add a cool spin to playtime with a kids pirate costume set made to please even the littlest pirate out there.

Does you child love to play pirate? Now it’s time to make the experience even more interactive and fun by dressing her up properly and give her a chance to feel like a real little swashbuckler.

Are you ready for some fun?

Kids are such a joy to watch and if you enjoy seeing your little ones play make believe then add some more excitement to the mix with a cool as pie pirate dress up set.

Melissa and Doug Kids Pirate Costume Dress Up Set


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Kids Pirate Costume

Ahoy! Who Goes There in that Cute Outfit?

What’s that you say? You mean you don’t have one of these bad boys in your kid’s collection? There’s no better time than the present to surprise your little one with a special dress up outfit.

Product Features

* A playful costume set
* Comes with an eye patch and a pirate’s hat
* Perfect for parties, play dates or solo play
* Encourage creativity and tons of fun

Dress up outfits make great gifts for children. Not only do they encourage kids to use their imagination but they encourage make believe play which is a wonderful way for kids to learn more about themselves as well as others.

Encourage your little one to use her imagination and have fun with some props and toys to help foster the creative person within.
Every person in the world has the capacity to create something beautiful and become someone extraordinary. Support your child and help her fulfill her true potential by encouraging her in things she’s good at! That’s where it all begins.

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