Ice Cream Toy

Ice-Cream-Toy The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Ice Cream Toy packs lots of fun items into this little play set. It will make starting an ice cream parlor fun for your child. Get ready to play ice cream parlor!

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Ice Cream Toy Parlor Set

Give your child the chance to use his imagination with a fun Ice Cream Parlor Toy. Toys like this will encourage imaginary play and role playing in your child. Role playing is a fun part of childhood and very important to help him build up his self confidence and relate to other children and test limits when it comes to social situations.

With this toy, your child will be able to pretend he’s running his own ice cream shop. He has several different options to choose from. He can serve up yummy sundaes, build an ice cream sugar cone or a waffle cone!

In addition, there’s a fun “chocolate syrup” bottle that will make him feel like he’s pouring chocolate syrup on top of his ice cream. You don’t need to worry about any mess though because it’s just a brown string that goes right back into the bottle.

Give him a chance to practice his fine motor skills. He’ll be able to choose his favorite flavor and then scoop out the ice cream with the ice cream scooper and then delicately place it on the cone or inside the bowl.


This set includes 4 scoops of ice cream, sugar cone, cake cone, sundae dish, banana split dish, split table banana (breaks up into two), a scooper, 2 spoons and apron. In addition and best of all, he can practice his conversational skills if you work with him by placing your order and letting him make your sundae or favorite ice cream cone.

Add a fun little cash register toy and he’ll be ready to open up for business!

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