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Ice Cream Scoops Game

ice cream scoops game

This ice cream scoops game is called Ice Cream Stacking Tower. It’s a fun stacking game that lets your kids compete to see who can build the highest ice cream tower!

Get ready for loads of fun with this real looking ice cream game.

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Ice Cream Scoops Game

If you’re looking for a fun game to gift your child then consider the Ice Cream Stacking Tower Balancing Game for Kids.

Included is an ice cream cone, the base to place it in and 12 “scoops” of ice cream and a scooper. Kids will need to take turns stacking their tower of scoops and see which one can build the highest tower! This game is perfect for children over 4 years old.

It will teach them how to focus and help them learn patience as they wait for their turn to build their ice cream tower! In addition, the fun part about this game is that it can be used as an ice cream toy as well when kids aren’t actually playing the game.

This will be a big hit at birthday parties (any ice cream themed birthday parties?) or family gatherings where kids need something to occupy their time. Get ready for some fun and let’s see who can build the highest ice cream tower!


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