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Cute Hello Kitty Tea Set

Find a super cute Hello Kitty Tea Set for your little Kitty fan to play with and enjoy those fun tea party moments.

Are you a big Hello Kitty fan? I have to admit that even though I’m a full grown adult I still have a special place in my heart for this pretty kitty. If you know someone who adores her too (little or big) then this might be a great present that will charm a big fan who wishes to add it to their collection.

Little ones can benefit from playing tea parties with their friends or even alone. Playing make believe or pretend play is a wonderful experience for children to indulge in and it should be fostered in young ones. It is a great first step to help them develop into strong individuals.

Pretend play is good for children so that they can learn to express themselves physically as well as emotionally and play out dramatic scenes of their own.

Young children can learn to problem solve as well as learn to communicate and share well with others so it’s definitely something to encourage in a child.

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About this Hello Kitty Tea Set

The featured set in the photo above is a pretty in pink tea set with lovely pictures of everyone’s favorite kitty.

It’s a set that is perfect for 4 children to play pretend tea party with. It includes several items from a tea pot, cream or sugar set, 4 little plates, 4 tea cups with matching saucers as well as a set of teaspoons, knives and little forks to pretend she’s cooking away or serving friends at her tea party.

This is a wonderful gift that she can also use to play kitchen with if she has a little play kitchen set.

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Hello Kitty Tea Set Details

* Play set for 4
* Teapot, 4 tea cups (teaspoons, knives, forks -set of 4 each)
* 4 Plates
* Cream and sugar set
* Pretty pink Hello Kitty design

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