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Haba Vegetable Set in Shopping Bag

Introducing the adorable Haba Vegetable Set in a Shopping Bag.

If you want to encourage your child to eat right and keep her interested in healthy foods then this whole foods toy set may be a fun extra for her play kitchen.

Eating habits are something that we learn when we are young and by encouraging your child to play with healthy whole food play toys, you are helping her develop familiarity with good foods.

These are the healthiest types of foods to eat, so why not get her to start early! She will not only enjoy playing with them but she can form healthier eating habits.

In these times of fast food cravings and convenience, we need all the help we can get in this department! Start young and watch her flock to the familiar, good foods later on.

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Haba Vegetable Set in Shopping Bag
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Haba Vegetable Set in Shopping Bag Details

* Encourage healthy eating habits in young children
* For children over 3 years old
* Comes with reusable shopping bag
* Vegetables are made of wood
* Finished to look just like real veggies!
* Will be a fun gift for kids who love imaginary play

This Haba play food toy set is made for creating healthier eating habits. As you know, it can sometimes be hard to eat right when you are on the go as we all are. It’s even harder when you don’t have a proper base to begin with.

If a child’s meals are all fast food then what does she really learn and are these habits you want her to take with her into adulthood?

A great way to start is with this veggie toy set. It comes with carrots, radish, tomatoes, 2 mushrooms and peppers to begin the cooking adventure in her toy kitchen!

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