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Haba Biofino Assorted Cookies

See these Haba Biofino Assorted cookies to add to your child’s play dates!

Do you love the Haba play food toy accessories?

Play food pretend toys are wonderful additions to the child’s toy kitchen or even perfect for tea parties!

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Get your child excited to have tea parties or play in her toy kitchen by herself or with some of her friends.

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Haba Play Food Toy

Haba Biofino Assorted cookies
Haba Play Food Toy
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Haba Biofino Assorted Cookies

These adorable play treats are just the ticket for an after dinner party play treat or just to “serve” for those tea parties.

If you’ve ever had a tea party with real cookies and snacks with your child then you know it can be tons of fun. The second best substitute for real food is play food. These toy cookies by Haba are just right for those fun afternoon parties.

And you don’t have to worry about the mess or cleaning up and your child still gets to have a good time with these realistic looking sweet treats or take a look at the Play Food Birthday Cake for sale.

Details on these Toy Cookies

* Very pretty toy cookies by Haba
* 5 cookies with 1 wafer
* Appropriate for children over 3 years old
* Soft toy cookies are made of fabric!

These soft Haba play food cookies are just what the perfect tea party calls for. Your child gets to have fun without the sweets.

It’s almost the perfect toy and is a welcome addition to the tea party or toy kitchen.

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