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Grill Pretend Toy for Little Chefs

Grill Pretend ToyAdd a Grill Pretend Toy to your child’s kitchen set or help him learn more about the kitchen by encouraging playing with his food!

Did you know that children that play make believe with other children are much more likely to develop a stronger self concept? It may sound odd but it’s true! The reason is because children who play imaginary games and role play get to practice using their social skills. They also have opportunities to learn valuable lessons from their imaginary games.

Grill Pretend Toy

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grill pretend toy
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Grill Pretend Toy Details

* Toy George Foreman Grill
* Has a lid that will lift up for a realistic experience
* Includes toy food for grilling and smoking
* Has a button that will drip water into a tray to imitate grease
* Makes real grilling sounds kids will love

This toy BBQ grill will be a big hit with your budding chef. Teach children about grilling food and introduce them to camping or outdoor play meals. This is a fun set that your child might really enjoy because of its realistic features.

This grill comes with a set of play food that your child can use to pretend he’s smoking up something tasty such as bacon and eggs!

A very fun feature that you might enjoy is the grilling or sizzling sounds this toy makes. You can also add some water to the grill and then watch it drip down to imitate grease. This will go over really well with children when it’s accompanied by the sizzling sounds that it can make!

Overall, this is one toy that can give your child a fun and quite realistic experience. Grill toy hamburgers or hot dogs and get ready to sit down for a fun toy BBQ meal.

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