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Great White Shark Anatomy Model


The Great White Shark Anatomy Model is perfect for curious minds that are ready to explore this predator of the sea. Do you have a child that is showing a fascination with the ocean and sea life such as sharks? Then now is a great time to deepen his knowledge of this animal. Now he can learn and have fun at the same time.

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Why are sharks such interesting creatures? Is it their razor sharp teeth? Their scary fins skimming the surface of the murky water? Whatever it may be, they are fascinating fish and have intrigued everyone and inspired some pretty interesting movies.
Get ready to explore the mysteries of the Great White Shark with some of the models below.

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Great White Shark Anatomy Model


This is an educational toy that will help familiarize your youngster with the anatomy of a shark. This particular model has 20 detachable organs and body parts. This can be a very fun learning experience as he can remove organs and other parts, identify them and then put them back into place! Help increase his knowledge by assisting him! As he removes the parts, make it interactive and ask questions about what each part does and talk about it and how it helps the shark.

Included with this model is an assembly guide with a description of the anatomy. A display platform is also included so he can set it up and store it when he is finished exploring it for the day. He can display it on a shelf easily and bring it back down when he’s ready to play “marine biologist” again.

This guy measures roughly 13″ long and features colorful organs to help your child learn and encourage him to explore the intricate design that makes sharks such fierce predators of the sea.



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