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Pretty Girls Tea Sets

Find some pretty girls tea sets to choose from for that extra special birthday or holiday gift for your child.

Did you know that playing make believe is good for children? Pretend play is when children use items such as blocks, tea sets, utensils for example as props to create something from their imagination.

You might have noticed this already if you have ever witnessed your child pretending like she’s at a grocery store or in the kitchen “cooking.”

Cute Girls Tea Sets

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This is a wonderful way for children to learn and also develop emotionally and socially. In a pretend world, a child can imagine all sorts of scenarios and work through how she might feel when confronted with a problem in her imaginary world. For example, maybe her doll has a pretend wet diaper and she needs to change it. How will she handle this situation?

Tea sets are fantastic toys to help children learn to be social and to learn to share their toy with others by having tea parties where they can interact and have fun.

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Details on this set

If you want a pretty and dainty tea party set that your child will love to play with then this might be a top pick for your child. This is a miniature fine china tea set which is an ideal size for the American Girl Dolls.

It is scaled down to size and is just right for doll tea parties or a good gift for collectors of miniature sets.

This is manufactured by The Queen’s Treasures and is fine china porcelain. This comes in a pretty, satin lined gift box and is good for storing the set when not in use or being displayed.

It includes a porcelain tray, teapot, sugar and creamer set, and 2 cups and saucers which makes is quaint set just for a party of two.

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Time for a party!

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