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If you need to buy a girl’s tea set for a birthday girl or just for your own child then view the selection for sale online by clicking below to view them all.

Read on to find out more about this set and what you get with it. Tea time and tea parties is something that all little girls (as well as boys) can enjoy.

It’s a fun time to explore the land of make believe and learn to socialize with friends. Children can also benefit from learning to play games alone with their dolls and stuffed toys.

Playing make believe is something that should be fostered in young children. It can help a child learn to communicate with others as well as share which is quite important.

A Pretty Girl’s Tea Set

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This is a gorgeous, little tea set available via Schylling Toys. It is called the Butterfly Girls Tea Set Basket and features a pretty butterfly decorated tea set for 4. It contains 4 very small tea cups that measure roughly 1 inch (which is small compared to others).

This is recommended for children over the age of three due to the little parts it contains. The manufacturer recommends this for children from 8 to 12 years old.

As is pictured, this is quite the elaborate tea set and includes teacups, teapot, cutlery and it can all be fit snugly in a little wicker basket!

Tea sets like this are wonderful treats for girls and this item is no exception. It features a lovely butterfly design on the items and is available in a very delicate and dainty pink color (perfect for little girls who love the color pink).

To hold it all together your child can pack the set up in its basket and prepare it for road trips or just a fun afternoon tea time with little friends!

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