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A Cute Girls Porcelain Tea Set

Find a pretty girl’s porcelain tea set that your child can enjoy playing tea time with!

Do you remember the good old days of imaginary tea parties and fun times with those imaginary friends? It’s one of the most special times in a child’s life because during these years they learn so much about themselves and have the opportunity to develop a strong concept of self.

This is mostly formed by learning and interacting not just with their toys but with playmates! And you wondered why playtime was such a big deal!

It’s definitely something that should not be overlooked and it should be encouraged, not just because it’s fun but it can help your child learn.

Girl’s Porcelain Tea Set

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Girls Porcelain Tea Set
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Pictured above is the 13 Piece Porcelain Pink Gingham Tea Set

Details on this Pretty Pink Tea Set

* Available in pink and white gingham pattern
* Comes with 13 pieces
* For children over 3 years
* Comes with tea pot, 4 tea cups with saucers
* Sugar pot with a creamer
* Made of porcelain

If you have a little girl who adores playing with pretend food then this girl’s porcelain tea set may be just right for her.

It’s available in a pretty gingham pattern in pink with white and will look great decorating her little table during that special party with friends.

This set is made out of porcelain and includes a total of 13 pieces which include a small teapot, 4 tea cups with saucers and sugar pot and a creamer for making that tea taste perfect.

The teapot holds up to 8 ounces of water or juice and it is safe to pop in the dishwasher when you need to clean up for the next party.

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