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Fun Seafood Pretend Play Food Set


The Seafood Pretend Play Food Set is for children that love to play with their food and pretend they are cooking up something good in the kitchen. If your child likes to use his imagination and pretend he’s a chef or has just expressed an interest in preparing food and helping then this might be just the set for him.

Details on The Seafood Pretend Play Food Set

Kitchen Seafood Pretend Play Food Set

This is a fun play food set that will give your child plenty of entertainment. Toys such as these can really encourage imaginary and pretend play. Your child can pretend he’s running his own seafood restaurant and work hard in the kitchen to make that yummy seafood for his imaginary (or real!) customers. Whether it’s a toy bear, doll or another playmate he’s playing with, this will give him a chance to expand his horizons and create a fun world of his own.

This set includes 5 food items: Fish, King Prawn, Crab, Egg and Cabbage. It also comes with a cutting board as well as a cutting knife so that he can pretend he’s chopping up the food in half. The food can be cut in half easily with the play knife. Each piece as velcro on it and what’s great is you can even see the inside of the item.

When he’d like to play again he can just stick them together easily with the velcro! He can pretend that he’s frying up the fish and then set it up in the little play basket for serving.


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