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Fun Play Dishes Kids Love

Here is a very cute play dishes collection that kids can have plenty of role playing fun with. It’s by Alex Toys and features some handy pots and pans that children can use to play master chef in their own little kitchen set.

Play Dishes

If you want to encourage your little one to use his imagination and be free to create and have some fun role playing then a toy dish and kitchen set might be a great start.

Dishes and play kitchens can really help to give kids a love of the culinary arts and teach them a few cooking tips as well as help him learn to troubleshoot too!

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A Fun Play Dishes Set with Cute Accessories

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Featured is the Alex Completer Cook, 9 piece set


* Includes 9 Pieces
* Comes with a Pot, Saucepan and Saute pan
* Also includes oven mitts, whisk, wooden spoon and measuring spoons
* A great birthday gift for youngsters
* Will encourage imaginary play

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This little pot and pan set is pretty complete because it has not just one big pan but a total of three including the big pot, sauce pan for making those delicious play sauces as well as a saute pan so he can play chef!

Children just love to play games and kitchen tools can help encourage role playing and help him explore what goes on in the kitchen. If you have a little one that loves to watch you cook then this little set might be a great start to help him become a great cook just like mom or dad.

There are a total of 9 pieces in this set including the three pans, a whisk for mixing pretend sauces as well as a wooden spoon. He can also pretend that the surfaces are hot by making use of those pot holders!

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