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Fisher Price Toy Kitchen

Buy a Fisher Price Toy Kitchen for your little tot to enjoy practicing his hand eye coordination and enjoy playing in his very own little kitchen.

Toy kitchens are ideal for big children and even little ones. If you want to help your child learn, have fun and occupy his time then a kitchen toy might be a great way to encourage him to play.

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Fisher Price Toy Kitchen
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This is the Laugh and Learn toy by Fisher Price. Where to Buy?

Fisher Price Toy Kitchen Details

The great thing about this particular toy is that it’s just right for children between the age of 6 months up to 3 years. Your child can play right alongside you. This is definitely an interactive toy and provides an educational experience as well.

It features 4 settings or modes of interaction including: learning, learning in Spanish, Music and imagination. If you are interested in encouraging your child to learn another language then this toy might be a great start in helping with Spanish!

More Information at a Glance

* Requires 2 AA batteries
* Features English and Spanish languages
* Perfect for children between 6 months to 3 years
* Contains lights and songs as fridge opens
* Child can learn opposites as well as shapes
* Wonderful interactive toy for little ones

If you need something for a your small child but you prefer an educational toy then this Fisher Price toy kitchen might be a great little play kitchen you will love. Your child will be exposed to English as well as Spanish (if desired). It’s a truly interactive toy that features over 20 songs/music prompts as well as helps your little one learn shapes and opposites.

A little light inside the fridge will also turn on and play music to delight your child for plenty of entertaining and educational fun.

That’s what learning should be- fun!

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