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My First Lab Microscope Kit

First-Lab-Microscope-Kit If you have a young child that’s interested in science then now is the perfect time to get her enthused about her future! The My First Lab Microscope Kit will be a fun introduction to the world of science and crime scene investigating!

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First Microscope Lab Kits


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My First Lab Microscope Kit


Give your child the gift of knowledge with this My First Lab Whodunnit? Kit. This is ideal for a curious child that loves science and is fascinated with the microscopic world. This a great gift for a future CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) or even a budding doctor. If he likes playing detective then this will be a fun gadget for your child to start their fun exploration of microscopic organisms and solving crimes.

This can be a very fun toy to encourage your child to let his imagination run wild. He can make believe he’s solving a crime and is the lead crime scene investigator or a technician that needs to prepare slides. Or he can pretend he’s working in a lab researching diseases and fighting for the cure to cancer or something else.

First-Lab-Microscope-KitMore on the Whodunnit? Kit!

This little kit includes a microscope that can magnify from 40x to 400x! It’ll be fun to prepare a slide and examine whatever it is under the LED light which is also included! It comes with a Fingerprinting Blood Analysis Forgery Liquid that will help your child feel like a real forensic investigator. He can weed out suspects and report his findings to whomever he chooses.

There are many accessories included with this kit which include 5 prepared slides, 4 blank slides along with cover slips as well as red and blue stains and plastic forceps. Perfect for removing specimens carefully or adding something to a slide.

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