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Fairy Adventure Play Tent

Adventure Play Tent

Are you ready for a Fairy Adventure Play Tent that your little girls will love? Kids really love to play make believe and imaginary games.

Do you remember playing make believe when you were little? You might remember that it’s even more fun when others will play along with you. A play tent for kids is the perfect solution for multiple children as they really get to immerse themselves in their play, fantasy world.

They can play house, castle, hospital, fairy land or (insert the game here). It’s such a fun time and you may want to give something like this to your child to give them some extra special memories that they will always remember even when they have children of their own.

Adventure Play Tent

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Adventure Play Tent
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Disney Fairy Adventure Play Tent Details

* Whimsical tent features some favorite Disney fairies
* Girls will love the colors and the pretty fairies
* Perfect for multiple children
* Great for playing hide and seek
* Can be placed inside or outside on lawn
* Fits up to 3 kids

This is one special tent for kids that has some “magic” infused in it. It has some great graphics on the exterior of the Disney fairies that little girls and boys will recognize.

Children will enjoy this tent playing indoors (perhaps when it’s raining) or they can also sit it in the backyard on the lawn and play when the weather is nice outside.

It’s an ideal tent for up to 3 children and it even comes with a fun crawl tunnel where the kids can enter and exit with ease. For fast exit or entrance it also has a separate flap for easy access or when kids can’t wait for the other to leave the tunnel.

This is almost sure to be a very fun play time tool and kids will take to it and enjoy immersing themselves in imaginary time!

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