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Dough Sweets Play Set

ALEX Toys Craft Dough Sweets Play Set

The Alex Toys Craft Dough Sweets Play Set is one play food toy that your child will love. After all, who doesn’t love to play with food and pretend to create yummy treats.

Give your child a fun toy that will let him put his “culinary” skills to the test. Find out more about this toy food set below.

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Dough Sweets Play Set by Alex Toys

It’s time for dessert! This little fun set comes with tons of options to make molding the fun dough into yummy desserts and is ideal for children over 4yrs. It includes 4 different dough colors to make a variety of fun play desserts and “flavors.” You’ll also get 38 different mold shapes, 2 ice cream cones, plate, a dough roller and a shaping tool as well as 4 ice pop sticks to make those cold popsicles! Find out more details!

Toys like this are great because they can really encourage your child to immerse herself in pretend play. Along with increasing her chances of imaginary play she will also be using her hands and fingers to mold the dough. This is a wonderful chance to practice with her fine motor coordination. In addition, she can spend plenty of time pretending to be the owner of a little ice cream shop.

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ALEX Toys Craft Dough Sweets Play Set

Encourage her to play with friends and they can each take turns being the customer and serving. Fantasy and role playing is great practice for handling situations in the future when she’s older! Make believe play time (even better with friends) lets her test boundaries and learn to play with others. These toys are great for sharing and teaches children to learn to assign roles.

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