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Dora Talking Dollhouse

Dora Talking Dollhouse for sale

See the Dora Talking Dollhouse for sale and get ready to give your little girl something that she will delight in playing with.

If you have a big Dora the Explorer fan in the family then watch her enjoy playing with a fun interactive toy that will play Dora sayings in English as well as Spanish.

See more details below to see if this is the dollhouse for your little girl.

Dora Talking Dollhouse for Sale

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Dora Talking Dollhouse Details

* Interactive dollhouse that talks
* Will say over 30 phrases in both Spanish and English
* Has a Spanish style design
* Will open and close
* Encourage your child to speak Spanish
* Comes with 3 figurines of Diego, Boots and Swiper

Do you want to encourage your child to learn a new language? This little Dora Dollhouse is a fun way to tempt your child into learning Spanish. It is a simple house with faux Spanish tiles decorating the top of the house.

One thing that you might enjoy about it is that it is fairly compact and it will open easily and close quickly whenever you need to put it away.

This will really come in handy when you want your little girl or boy to clean up their room! For the toy to talk all your child needs to do is press a few buttons such as the little doorbell, the fridge oven or kitchen table and she will Delight in the sounds of Dora.

For even more fun, some of the accessories and furniture will even light up or fold over to give her more items to entertain her and keep her occupied.

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Get ready for tons of fun with the Dora the Explorer Dollhouse Set.

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