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Disney Princess Tea Set

Find a Disney princess tea set so your child can enjoy tea time with friends or her favorite stuffed toys.

What little girl has not imagined herself being a princess. Children love to play and use their imagination in the land of make believe. Help encourage your child to play and express herself while having fun playing with friends.

Children (especially girls) love to role play and imagine situations where they get to be something or someone else. It’s a fun part of being a child and should be encouraged and nurtured since it can help develop a strong self concept and also teach them socialization skills.

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Disney Princess Tea Set for Sale
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Disney Princess Tea Set Details

* 17 Piece Set
* For children over 3 years old
* Serves four
* 1 teapot with lid, 1 sugar bowl including lid, 1 creamer, 4 tea cups, 4 saucers and 4 spoons
* Perfect gift idea for girls who love Disney
* Pretty colors with pictures of different princesses

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This is the Disney Princess Tea Set which features the favorite princesses of little girls everywhere. It includes a sugar bowl with a lid, 1 creamer, 4 little tea cups for girls with 4 saucers as well as four spoons.

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