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Cute Toy Kitchen Appliances

Cute Toy Kitchen Appliances

Find some super cute, toy kitchen appliances that your child will have a blast playing with.

Children just love playing make believe and with toys that encourage role playing. These types of toys are wonderful because they really inspire kids to pretend and create their own little imaginary environments.

Imaginative play is a wonderful way for kids to learn more about their environments and themselves!

Cute Toy Kitchen Appliances

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Toy Kitchen Appliances
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Just Like Home Appliance Set – Coffee Maker, Blender, and Toaster

Cute Toy Kitchen Appliances Details

* A bright and colorful appliance set
* Made of durable plastic
* Kids can actually brew coffee and spin the blender!
* The toaster will pop up toast for more interactive fun
* Set of 3 appliances for the kitchen
* Lots of fun and entertainment children will love

This is the Just Like Home Appliance Set. It’s a very colorful trio that includes a coffee brewer, a toaster as well as a blender. What sets this set apart from others is it will actually make noises that imitate real sounds like that of the coffee maker. Your child can have some fun in his play kitchen and pretend that he’s actually brewing his own coffee. This is a fun little device because it will make the coffee brewing noise and the “coffee” will run down into the carafe below.

In addition to this the blender will also spin around with the touch of a button and make the blending noise that kids will find entertaining. For more food making fun, your child can also pretend he’s making some toast by pressing down on the toaster and watch it pop up when it’s “ready.”

This is one trio that will be a fun addition to a child’s kitchen.

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